Blush L 55 box 5 x 2 ml bottles one colour


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L 55 Blush

Brand: Clinita
Bottle Size: 2ml x5
For: lip ,
long lasting, areola, medical use
Fitzpatrick Scale:
Value Scale: 3

Temperature Scale: 2/3
Type: Organic

Colour Base:

lips long lasting

Terracotta and sienna, sophisticated amber tones for lips and medical use. Alone or as a warming mix.


control certified by one of the leading independent European laboratory (Ctl Bielefeld in Germany).

In addition, Clinita tests its colours under the Spectrophotometry process to to certify the ageing of the pigment free from toning and they are registered in the Register of European Cosmetics CPNP as products approved under this stringent parameter.


Sterile Produced in sterile and aseptic environment, with raw materials sterile certified, sterile water as an excipient, purified from heavy metals and managed by a special plant digitally controlled. Clinita colors are evenly sterile by a gamma radiation process at the end of production = total removal of any risk of contamination


The innovative formula of the pigment allows the colour not to be traced by the diagnostic instruments such as magnetic resonance imaging


The intense concentration, the sophisticated manufacturing, the purity of the components guarantee high stability and longevity of the application over time with satisfied customers. The raw materials used in the production of Clinita colours meet the quality of pharmaceutical-cosmetic grade, the best available on the market.

Expiry at 10 years.

The revolutionary pack of 2 ml bottles individually packed and guaranteed sterile, allows Clinita the primacy of product expiration.
The special precision dispenser allows to consume the color up to the last drop avoiding the waste of the bottles or traditional dispensers.