Hand Piece I -Safe ( only pen)


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I-SAFE Handpices

( console is not included you need to buy separate)

The only dermographer working with rotative-propulsive mechanism completely autoclavable for absolute sterility guarantee.

The PATENTED Docking system engine-handpiece, "Screw-In", autoclaveable, isolates hermetically the engine from any risk of contamination. I-Safe can be equipped with two differents "brush-less" engines with different power (9 or 12V) to perform the most delicate of the permanent makeups, up to the most complex artistic tattoos or reconstructive-medical treatments.
The innovative drive shaft allows to configurate the beat in the perfect way to fit any need, from a more firm and dry punch for extremely precise lines, to delicate shades till the large size fillings. Extremely professional equipment for the most demanding users but at the same time easy and intuitive for the professional who decides to evolve and asks more from their "performance".

  • Made in Italy: I-Safe is the result of a design and manufacturing proudly Italian.
  • The only dermographer for permanent makeup, corrective and artistic tattoo that meets the requirements for certification as a medical device.
  • Practical and intuitive TOUCH-SCREEN console; 5 suggested programs for any application of dermopigmentation and further infinitesimal adjustments of power and speed.
  • Patented "SCREW-IN" hookingunhooking system motorhandpiece allowing to work with two different engines (9 or 12V) and practice any possible treatment with the same device.
  • Why BRUSH-LESS ENGINES? Up to six times better power to weight ratio than any other traditional "brushed" device; full power at all RPM.
  • Special mechanism for the infinitesimal adjustment of the output of the needle.
  • Quick hooking system for the Clinita needle cartridges.