I -PROFI device (pen +console)


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Pen dermographer for PERMANENT MAKE-UP and TRICHOLOGICAL PIGMENTATION operating with needle cartridges, provided with TOUCH-SCREEN digital computerized console for controlling the voltage and the speed of the beat. The software that runs the device has 4 different application tips, in addition to the possibility to adjust the speed of the beat infinitesimally. Among these is provided a special setting to perform the Trichological Pigmentation with absolute precision and efficacy of the result.

  • Specific program developed for Trichological Pigmentation.
  • Practical and intuitive TOUCH-SCREEN console; 5 suggested programs for any application of dermopigmentation and further infinitesimal adjustments of power and speed.
  • Digital display embedded in a single piece of glazed aluminum, lightweight, easy to clean and free from corrosion and oxidation.
  • Power and beat speed per minute extremely high (maximum 25,000 rpm). Accurate and painlees results make I-Profi ideal for very delicate skin.
  • Made in Germany micro-engines, no vibrations and low noise.
  • Console with two hand-pieces outputs.
  • Mechanism for accurate adjusting of the needle output.
  • Quick hooking system for the Clinita needle cartridges.